National Occupational Standards

National Occupational Standards (NOS) specify the standard of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace, together with the knowledge and understanding they need to meet that standard consistently. Essentially NOS are benchmarks of good practice. NOS describe functions, standards of performance and knowledge and understanding.

Number of NSQF aligned Qualification (Developed by NFDC)
S.No. Name of Qualification NSDA Code Date of Approval NSQF Level Duration of Programs Q-Files Participant Handbook Facilitator Guide Tools & Equipment
English Hindi English Hindi
1 Digital Still Photography 2020/ME/NDFC/03875 8/11/2020 4 440
2 Digital Video Editor 2020/ME/NFDC/03966 11/20/2020 4 352
3 Chief Camera Assistant 2020/ME/NFDC/039655 11/20/2020 5 352